Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ribbon Storage

Ok, I have been frustrated with my ribbon storage for awhile now. So I started looking around the internet for solutions to my problem. I have no wall space and no table space but I did have a couple of drawers that I could rearrange to accommodate my ribbon, but the ribbon was too tall so I had to make a wedge so they could lay down a little.
Needles to say that wasn't really working because they would still get stuck when I pulled out the drawer. So I did some more searching on the internet and found this cool blog I love this idea, but just one problem, it was late and I didn't have any mat board to use or any hairbands. So being the frugal crafter (or you could say that I am, I improvised.....I have been saving toilet paper rolls for crafts to do with my granddaughters, so I had a bunch of them.They were perfect for this project. I only had to do a few minor adjustments and viola it works. I smashed them and used a bone folder to get a good flat piece.
Then I measured 2 inch on center and cut them with a craft knife.
Then I took tape and put it on the edge and wrapped it, to close off the ends and make it flat.
This is my granddaughters favorite part, she likes to let the ribbon out on the floor.
Then you just start wrapping them. I used tape to hold them in place.
Now they fit perfectly in my drawer with a ton more room!
That is 9 spools to 23 cards of ribbon and plenty of room for more......yay! It may not be as pretty as hers, but hey its free.... :)

 Update: I still have about a dozen left to do and still have enough room! :)